Phytodess - Ingrédient Ylang-ylang


Ylang-ylang is indigenous to southeast Asia. This average-sized tree was introduced to many islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans to take advantage of its highly fragrant flowers. After a painstaking and careful harvest by hand, a still is used to extract essential oil from the ylang-ylang flower. In Madagascar and the Comoros Islands, ylang-ylang is also called “the flower of flowers” and is widely revered. It is especially sought out for fragrance making and for its revitalizing properties.

“A Positive Sourcing” program developed with Pur Projet for selecting more responsible supply chains. 

Ylang-ylang essential oil comes from two endangered sites rich in biodiversity in northern Madagascar: Nosy Be and Ambaja. The Malagasy government has entrusted the management of these sites to the NGO “L’Homme et l’Environnement” to arrange better environmental protection and optimal local economic development. The PHYTODESS brand has become involved on the ground by funding an ylang-ylang nursery and planting vetiver around the forest to ensure better conservation and fix the erosion-prone soil around the lakes of Nosy Be. The local inhabitants have been educated about the importance of preserving their forest and participate in every stage of oil processing and in reforestation efforts.