Phytodess - Ingrédient Tamanu


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Tamanu oil is extracted from the stones in the fruits of Calophyllum ionophyllum. It used to be called “holy oil” because it came from trees planted at ancient places of worship venerated by ancient inhabitants and priests, who believed they were magical. This oil has nutritional, protective and antioxidant properties.

“A Positive Sourcing” program developed with Pur Projet for selecting more responsible supply chains. 

Our tamanu oil comes from Selayar, an Indonesian archipelago located to the south of Sulawesi (Celebes), where calophyllum grows wild in an unpolluted environment free of fertilizers and pesticides. When the ripe fruit falls to the ground, it is harvested manually by Selayar inhabitants, who live a traditional lifestyle off local resources – primarily gathering. In addition to the economic benefit, the goal is to educate the communities about the importance of protecting its unique flora and to add value locally to the natural resources they have. To process tamanu and promote local business, the fruit-to-oil value chain employs villagers, which gives them a new source of income and fosters the island’s economic developments.