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Saro is an aromatic shrub that is endemic to the dry, dense forests of Madagascar. It grows up to 5 meters high. Saro essential oil is obtained by distilling the shrub’s leaves with steam. Saro is one of the most widely used plants by the people of western Madagascar. Called “mandravasarotra” in Malagasy, which literally translates as “the plant that keeps evil at bay”, saro is prized for its revitalizing properties.

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Area in northern Mahajanga (Madagascar), by Aroma Forest in partnership with the NGO “L’Homme et l’Environnement”. The goal is to involve the inhabitants of the four participating villages in protecting their environment. By creating additional economic resources, essential oil production has helped alleviate man-made pressures on the environment in the region while raising the standard of living of the population. In particular, this business has resulted in: the creation of 149 jobs with the opening of the distillery; a project to build six classrooms, hire teachers and establish a school cafeteria; and getting the local population involved in protecting a preserve whose biodiversity is threatened.