Phytodess - Ingrédient Mafura


Mafura, or Cape mahogany, is a member of the Meliaceae family. It grows in southern Africa along rivers and grow to heights of 30 meters. Its pear-shaped fruits contain 2 to 3 seeds that are 60% oil.
The oil extracted from its seeds solidifies at room temperature to become a nourishing butter full of essential fatty acids.

“A Positive Sourcing” program developed with Pur Projet for selecting more responsible supply chains. 

Our mafura seeds are sourced in Mozambique. They are harvested by women in disadvantaged rural communities. The women are educated on sustainable harvesting and earn additional income through mafura gathering. As for our supplier, it is a founding member of the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade) and adheres to fair trade principles.