Phytodess - Ingrédient Hibiscus


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Also known as “Rose-of-Sharon”, the hibiscus plant has been grown since Antiquity for its ornamental value and edible flowers. There are over 30,000 varieties. Its flowers are used in cooking, the calyx has traditional medicine applications and the seeds are employed in culinary and cosmetic oils. Hibiscus oil is obtained from a first cold press of hibiscus seeds; it is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants.

“A Positive Sourcing” program developed with Pur Projet for selecting more responsible supply chains. 

Our selected hibiscus is grown in the Rivas region between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean. The farming techniques are respectful of the local ecosystem and comply with Rain Forest Alliance standards. The crops coexist alongside 120 hectares of protected native forest and employ 10 full-time workers who are organized in a co-op.