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Calendula, from Mediterranean region, is fully widespread all over the world as an ornamental plant.

Even if this plant prefers clay soil, it develops in all the types of ground what makes a regular of the urban flowerbeds and the gardens.

The extract of Calendula is produced from the heads of flowers of Calendula and is source of flavonoids and carotenoids.

The selected calendula is cultivated within the Park of «Les Olors», in Spain, which objective is to restore the culture of aromatic and medicinal plants protecting a unique environment.

The BioDeVaTe project and the cooperation with the Park of «Les Olors», situated in a natural space protected from the urban pressure of the city of Barcelona, encourage the sustainable
development of the immediate environment of the calendula.

This initiative aims to restore the agricultural landscapes and to use these zones according to a model of rural sustainable development.