Designed as a true beauty products, these PHYTODESS care revive and revitalize the scalp, while enhancing the hair.



Specially formulated to help delay the appearance of hair loss and preserve hair density, this concentrate enriched with cleome gynandra* extract and a fortifying complex helps balance the hair’s life cycle.
CLINICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS**: After 2 months of use, + 5,220 hairs in growth stage and + 15,660 hairs preserved**.
NOTICEABLE EFFECTS***: After just 2 months of use, 91% of the people who tried the product noticed a decrease in the speed of hair loss and 80% of them observed an increase in the speed of regrowth***.
After 3 months of use, 81% of the volunteers noticed better hair coverage and a less visible scalp***.

* * Herbaceous plant from Burkina Faso, farmed using agricultural practices which aim at preserving and restoring biodiversity and promoting the local economy.
** Clinical study by phototrichogram on 42 volunteers over 3 months – average estimated values for hair lacking density.
*** Use test conducted with 42 volunteers for 3 months – self-assessment results.

Contents :

  • Complexe fortifiant : source de zinc, polyphénol et acide aminé, stimule l’activité capillaire dès la racine
  • Caya blanc : riche en polyphénols et source de minéraux, il équilibre le cuir chevelu et apporte une sensation de confort.
  • Aster maritima : source d’acides aminés et minéraux, il présente une activité antioxydante.
  • Argile blanche (source de zinc et de magnésium) : reminéralise le cuir chevelu. “

Professional tips

On dry or towel-dried hair, create 5 partings then apply 6 pumps of product to each one and massage in order to spread the product evenly. Do not rinse. Use once a day for 3 months, ideally at night. For best results, do not wet your hair for 6 hours following application. One bottle contains enough product for 2 weeks of use. Only remove the pump once the bottle is empty, rinse the pump and let it dry before screwing it onto the next bottle.